3 Types of Kratom and Why You Need to Know About this Plant

To the mainstream it’s known as Mitragyna Speciosa. To you, it will be known simply as Kratom. And if you haven’t heard about this tree yet, you’re  missing out on the magnicifent benefits kratom provides.

It’s now a common occurrence that people enjoy the effects of certain plants, in various environments. They are used for recreation, and some have access to it to increase their quality of life. But few of these plants provide benefits in such a unique way as Kratom. There are different types of Kratom too, making this quite an interesting niche to get to know.

Let’s bring you up to date.

Kratom—The Basics

What is It?


If you come across a reference to types of Kratom it will usually be to suggest the leaves of a certain evergreen tree. Kratom may also be called by names such as:

  • Biak-Biak
  • Kakuam
  • Ketum
  • Maeng Da Leaf

The tree is indigenous to areas such as Thailand, Indonesia, Myanmar and Malaysia. It’s also found in Papua New Guinea. For the people in these countries it has been common to use the leaves in traditional incense, ever since the 1800s. As incense, types of Kratom are quite versatile, so their application stretches to far more than that.



Unique Characteristics

So, what are the effects that made it so popular?

You may have heard of plants and extracts that serve as stimulants. Kratom is different. This plant has the ability to stimulate in small amounts. This scenario also leaves you with an euphoric effect.

This means you can utilize your incense to get a desired effect according to your needs.

So, it’s impressively versatile, but an added attraction is the early onset of effects. Effects last long as well. It can take as little as 10 minutes to experience the change brought on by the plant, although the timeline depends on which of the types of Kratom you use (see types of Kratom below). The effects can then last for two to ten hours.


Worldwide Uses

Natives of the countries where types of Kratom are indigenous used it to counter pain, get more energy and even to spark appetite via aromatherapy. In this way its effects are similar to caffeine. This makes sense as the tree forms part of the coffee family.

Today, in first world countries, types of Kratom’s uses may be quite different than their original applications:

  • It’s still used by some to counter pain
  • It’s also used to help treat opioid addiction
  • People utilize it for stress relief or relaxation from anxious thoughts

It’s important to note that the positive effects of types of Kratom are worth taking a deeper look at because generations of people have benefited from it. Perhaps you may get access to it too in future.

Here are some basic insights to help identify your best options.

types of kratom

Types of Kratom

To access the benefits of the substance you must tap into the unique effects different types of Kratom have. In studying this plant, or when you find it in nature, you’ll come across different types or strains.

Most often types of Kratom are differentiated according to the colors of the veins and the stems. Turn the leaf around to see these different hues. The differences come from different strains that flourish in differing environmental conditions.

It’s important to note that it’s only the leaf itself that should be consumed; the stems and veins are removed during the drying or production phase. However, they’re helpful in identifying the types of Kratom you’re looking for.

Apart from the main types of Kratom listed below, each one has separate strains, each with unique effects.


Red Vein Kratom

This is the most popular type and usually comes from Southeast Asia. It’s usually utilized to enjoy its calming effects. It can calm the mind, but also help your muscles relax. These effects can also lead to pain relief.

Red vein strains include:

  • Red Thai
  • Red Vein Borneo
  • Red Sumatra


Of course, your amount utilized determines the overall effect. While these will still stimulate you in small quantities, red vein strains are more popularly used in larger amounts.

This type of Kratom is an excellent option if you’ve never utilized Kratom before. The calming effects will help you get used to this unique aroma.


Green Vein Kratom

This type is popularly used as an energy booster. The unique feature here is that the green vein Kratom won’t cause drowsiness. It’s therefore an effective stress reliever too; you can use it without it affecting your focus. People also enjoy using it when going out for an evening, as it makes you talkative.


White Vein Kratom

The unique properties of white vein Kratom makes it most appropriate as a mood enhancer. Users substitute coffee with this Kratom incense type to enjoy high concentration and stamina.

Additional strains include:

  • White Horn
  • White Vein Sumatra
  • Borneo White

Just remember the effects of all types of Kratom can last long, so it’s best to use this as a stimulant early in the day. 




One can only marvel at the power of this one plant. In the correct form and amounts it’s possible that types of Kratom can help many people with challenges they face each day. After all, there’s a reason why many nations used it in their traditional incense.

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