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Bitcoin also known as BTC is an excellent method to buy products online. It’s a safe, secure and the most private way to purchase goods.

Here at Kratom Sensation, we are continuously aspire to give the best customer service to you. We strive to make your buying experience as convenient, simple and secure as possible. By offering the Bitcoin payment option we believe this is a major step forward in providing you with all of these benefits. 

If you already have bitcoins then you can immediately start utilizing it in our store for all your aromatherapy needs. If you’re new to bitcoin we recommend you to check out CoinBase ( and get started.

Looking To Purchase Bitcoins? Here’s How You Can Get Some


You will need to utilize a service to purchase an amount of Bitcoin with your regular currency, basically exchanging some money for Bitcoin.

The service we recommend is Coinbase. It’s a really popular service that makes it easy to purchase Bitcoin. It is also used to retain bitcoin securely or use it. It’s known to many users as the Bitcoin Exchange.

To get underway, easily visit and begin the signup process.



Coinbase Signup



You will then be directed through the process of generating an account one step at a time and will include giving and confirming a valid phone number. This process includes entering your email address which will require confirmation later. 

You will immediately be able to purchase Bitcoin from within your account after completing the account creation. 

Once you have purchased some Bitcoin, you’re ready to shop for kratom!

You can select the bitcoin payment option at our checkout to pay via Bitcoin.


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