Here are some common questions about KratomSensation.
Shipping Info
Shipping Estimated Time Of Arrival

Standard delivery time for local orders is 1-4 business days with UPS (standard shipping).

Regular untracked international orders can take up to 6-9 business days to be delivered.

Shipping Promotions

We offer Expedited & Express on all orders over $65 for Canadians. The two express service is extremely rapid. Canadian customers should expect 1-4 business days for delivery along with tracking.

For US customers, we offer Standard Tracking for orders over $65 and Expedited on all orders over $100. US customers should expect 5-8 business days for delivery along with tracking.

All orders under $60 for Canadians and $90 for US Customers are shipped via regular.

Same Day Shipping

All orders received before 12pm EST (Eastern Standard Time) will be shipped same day. 

Shipping Restrictions
Shipping Zone

We can ship our products to anywhere where it’s legal to purchase and possess and we will NOT, UNDER ANY CIRCUMSTANCES, send products to where they are restricted or prohibited.

Kratom Sensation DOES NOT ship products to states/provinces or countries where our products are illegal or prohibited.

While there are no exceptions to our policy on this issue, laws/regulations can change and it is the buyer’s responsibility to determine if the said products are legal to purchase and possess in their jurisdiction.

Kratom Sensation does not assume any liability for any complication in transit or failure to observe applicable laws and regulations. The liability and responsibility rests solely with the buyer.

Specific US States
We do not ship to the state of Alabama, Arkansas, Indiana, Tennessee, Vermont and Wisconsin.
What are my available payment methods?

We accept two payment methods.

  1. Interac E Transfer
  2. Bitcoins

I've selected Credit Card Invoice? What Now?
We will send you a Custom Invoice to the email you’ve given us. The email will include an invoice link sent by a member of the KratomSensation Team. Once the payment is completed we will prepare to package and ship your order.
Still need help? Send us an email
For any other questions, please email us at info@kratomsensation.com

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