Green Vein Kratom: The Most Balanced Strain

Kratom or the Mitragyna Speciosa is a tropical tree that grows in the rainforests of South East Asia. These trees can grow up to 15 meters in height and are known by the distinctive colors of their leaf veins. These colors can be red, white or green – giving rise to different strains of the plant. While the red vein kratom is well known, the green vein kratom is also gaining popularity for its distinctive characteristics.

Unique features of Green Vein Kratom

This plant strain is known for its energizing properties. It creates a refreshing atmosphere and can charge you up for the rest of the day. It creates a positive and uplifting environment that can make you forget your problems and make you feel stress-free and enlivened.

The specialty of the green vein kratom is that it has a good balance of alkaloids. It will give you all the benefits of red vein kratom without any of the downsides. It will not create a sleep-inducing environment even if used in larger quantities.

Sources and Types of Green Vein Kratom

This strain can be purchased in the form of crushed leaf powder, capsules, tinctures or resins. Among these types, the powder form is most convenient and affordable to store and use. Premium grade powder is made by harvesting the leaves of mature plants using standardized processes. These leaves are dried, powdered and packaged in hygienic environments so that the potency of the plant is maintained.

The green vein kratom grows in South East Asian countries like Thailand, Indonesia and Malaysia. Based on the place of origin you will find different varieties like Green Maeng Da, Green Riau and Green Sumatra.

There is some variation in the effects between these varieties, depending on the strength of the strain. We recommend the Maeng Da and Riau as these are strong and give optimum results. The Sumatra green kratom is subtler and is used to create a stress free atmosphere. The Maeng Da variety is the fastest acting kratom category in this strain. Let us discuss these varieties further:

Green Maeng Da – The Maeng Da kratom originates in the forests of Thailand. The Green Maeng Da is one of the top grade products available and gives greater activity than the average leaf. Use it in the morning to prepare yourself for a busy work day!

Green RiauThe Riau Kratom grows in the islands of Indonesia. This is a highly fragrant variety with a sweetish aroma, a refreshing change from the more bitter aroma of the Red vein Kratom variety. The green Riau gives great effect even for small quantities of usage. It is a nice balance between the stronger varieties of Bali and Maeng Da.

Green SumatraThe Sumatra Kratom also originates in the north-west islands of Indonesia. The humid climate peculiar to the Sumatra islands, led to the growth of an alkaloid rich kratom variety. It is a great confidence booster and creates a stimulating atmosphere that encourages conversation, alertness and focus.

Benefits of using Green Vein Kratom

While the red vein creates a relaxing atmosphere that encourages sleep, the green vein kratom is an energizing variety. Some benefits include:

  • Improved Concentration

Inhaling the green vein kratom incense boosts the central nervous system. This improves observation and attention to detail. Some users report improvement in short term memory as well.

  • Enhanced Cognition

Using this variety makes you feel energetic and alert.  It improves attention and decreases sleepiness. That is why it can be used to create a positive work environment during the day.

  • Euphoria

In moderate quantities, this kratom strain can make you feel relaxed and happy. It can be used to create a social atmosphere that makes one more comfortable and encourages conversation.

  • Stress relief

Green vein kratom has a calming effect on the mind. It can soothe nerves and relieve any worries or stress. All negative thoughts will go away and you will find your mood improving in its presence.

  • Economical to use

The effects of green vein kratom last longer compared to other varieties. This is due to high amounts of Mitragynine from the leaf. The green strand kratom is economical to use because you just require a small amount for effects to continue throughout the day.

Red Vs Green Vein Kratom

Confused between which Kratom strain is best for you? The fact is that different kratom strains are used for different purposes. It is usually not a case of either – or – all kratom strains are complementary and used together to give a complete range of effects. You do not have to choose between the two strains – best is to buy both of them and use them at different times for different situations.

Red Vein Kratom – The red strains encourage sleep and create a very relaxing environment. It is best to use this strain whenever you want to create a restful atmosphere – for example, in the bedroom during late evenings or at night time. It will soothe the mind and help you unwind, release tension and relax.

Green Vein Kratom – The green strains create and active and alert environment. They stimulate the mind and charge you with energy. It is best to use this strain whenever you want to be more productive – for example, in the morning or in the late afternoons after a nap. It will improve concentration, fill you with positive thoughts and help you to get more done in less time!

Typical usage recommendations

We recommend starting usage at 2-4 grams and gradually increasing to 5-7 grams. The benefits will be strong at 8-10 grams. It is best to weigh the dose carefully using a scale. These numbers are only lose approximations and are general, not particular to your situation. Kratom starting usage will vary depending on the experience of the Kratom user. You need to consider these factors and adjust incense usage accordingly.

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