What Is Kratom?

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What Is Kratom?

What Is Kratom Video

Kratom is a plant formally known as Mitragyna Speciosa. This plant is from a large tree in the Rubiaceae family native to Southeast Asia within the coffee family. The tree can grow to a height higher than 55 feet and 15 ft wide. The leaves flourishes midst the rainy season and it falls meanwhile during the dry season. It was originally documented by a Dutch botanist in Thailand during the early 19th century and introduced to the Western world. It is used in South Eastern Asia as a natural method to uplift mood, energy booster, ease relieve anxiety/depression, eliminate stress, relieve mild to moderate pain, and induce sleep. Kratom is loaded with antioxidant and this effect can have a large benefit for a variety of purposes. Antioxidants promotes excellent functioning of a variety of areas such as the brain, skin, organ systems, and immune system.

Location of Kratom

Kratom is categorized and labeled by the location its grown in. Since Kratom is grown in these distinctly diverse locations, the herb has adapted to its environment, resulting in kratom leaves having a variety of different effects.
It grows lavishly, flourishing in regions such as:


Thai leaves tend to be energetic or fast such as Maeng Da.

Indonesian leaves can be energetic, moderate or sedative such as Sumatra 

Bali leaves (Borneo) is sedative or slow such as Borneo

Malaysian leaves is less energetic or moderate.

Different colors of Kratom

Kratom types are divided into three different colors: red vein, green vein or white vein. This color determines the effect the kratom will have on your mind and body.

Red vein: Majority of the kratom purchased present-day is the red vein. Users claim it lets go of tension, stress and delivers a soothing feeling. This likewise works fine as a sleep enhancer for individuals with insomnia. Red vein Kratom is highly effective at pain relief, notably considering part of the most powerful kratom are from the red vein category.

White Vein: individuals mention this strain as being more energizing and mood lifting. White vein kratom promotes alertness, mental focus and attentiveness. Other notable effects from this strain are increased concentration, motivation and endurance. This strain avert feelings of tiredness and drowsiness without generating anxiety or nervousness.

Green Vein:  is in between Red and White strains. This strain is a slight energy booster that can rally you up without the unnecessary edge. Individuals say that it aids them to achieve a state of attentiveness and focus with a subtler effect than Red or White Kratom. Green Kratom is also useful in treating pain but without drowsiness red strains may cause. Using Green Kratom will make you more likely to participate in social communication because it helps you to relax and feel comfortable.

There are three different speed of Kratom

Speed is a term used to describe how energetic or stimulating the strain is.

The color and location of Kratom determine the speed.

Knowing this, each type can be classified for their overall benefits

Fast – Moderate – Slow

Fast strains will give you energy, encourage social behavior and increase alertness.

Moderate strains will also give encourage social behavior and alertness without the energy boost.

Slow strains will be the most euphoric/relaxing .

Benefits of All Kratom Strains

– Generates a positive attitude and mood lifting

– Boost immune system

– Can help anxiety & depression

– Tone down appetite

– Reduces blood pressure

– Effective at eliminating pain

Misconceptions about Kratom

For those who are new to Kratom it is possible for this topic to surface when the word Kratom is stated. There are many misconceptions about Kratom and we are here to clarify. Kratom is not a drug or any sort of legal high!

We will like to inform everyone to realize Kratom is NOT an opiate. Kratom contains no opiates of any sort, and it merely binds to the same receptors location to the brain.

Kratom is not to be considered as a drug because this plant is in the same family as coffee. The extraordinary benefits that Kratom offers is honestly valuable.

As a matter of fact a large number of people are beginning to recognize Kratom because they cannot handle regular prescription drugs. In fact, many prescription drugs contain opiates. Opiates helps pain relief however the withdrawal symptoms are extremely harsh.

An opiate withdrawal has symptoms such as low energy, irritability, anxiety, insomnia, muscle pain, abdominal cramping, nausea, vomiting and diarrhea

It is extremely crucial to buy Kratom from an educated vendor because it is vital to the customer’s well being. There are many vendors in the market merely seeking personal gain, offering low quality Kratom, and ignoring the customer’s concerns.

Once again, Kratom is in the coffee family and not to be confused with opiates. This should not be confused with something that will make you deal with severe consequences like opiate withdrawal symptoms.

Who should use Kratom?

canada kratom
EVERYBODY can benefit from the use of Kratom! Many people of different upbringing and professions use Kratom for a variety of purposes.

Majority of people facing discomfort from anxiety, depression, and lack of attentiveness see an improvement since Kratom helps comfort these traits as a wonderful natural solution.

Kratom increases concentration as well and is efficient at eliminating pain. Kratom likewise marvelously help to those facing adversity from opiate addiction.

Why use Kratom?

Kratom is a plant that flourish naturally, organically and goes through a no by-product processing. The Kratom tree is chopped down and milled into fine powder.

At a steady pace more Canadians/Americans are beginning to realize the enormous benefit Kratom provides now.

There is no consequences that tie to Kratom use alone.

Kratom is noted to help millions of people all around the world.

Kratom is natural and organic with no known heavy side effects from countless generation of usage.

Many prescriptions being prescribed today have a series of negative side effects which in majority of cases outweigh benefits that they may give.

To Conclude

With the guidelines established to you here at KratomSensation, you now have a good basic understanding of Kratom.

It is important to buy Kratom from reputable and educated vendors to ensure your well being.

We the KratomSensation team stand by our product, ensure quality, fastest shipping, great customer service and we look forward to serving your Kratom needs!

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