What Is Riau Kratom?

Riau kratom is a new kratom strain gaining more popularity these past few years. You can see why it is appealing for so many people when looking into the effects of this strain. This Riau kratom strain comes from the Riau province of Indonesia located on the Southeastern coast of the Sumatra island. It is a well balanced and high quality leaf. A very unique property of this strain is that it’s less bitter than most kratom strains without sacrificing potency. The Riau Kratom is known to have a sweeter smell compared to other strains of Kratom.

Red Vein Riau

Like other Red Veined Kratom Strains, Red Riau is considered relaxing in nature. This Kratom leaf is known to be less intense than other kratom strains such as Red Maeng Da, however it still offers a variety of benefits as a mood enhancer and excellent stress relief. It shares common traits with the well known Red Veined Sumatra powder, though other users may experience a more calming effect.

riau kratom review
red riau kratom

Green Vein Riau


The Green Vein Riau Kratom has a green color as opposed to the Red Riau. This coloration means that there are different alkaloid concentrations within the leaves which can produce moderately different effects. In general, Kratom leaves with a green color are more energizing and stimulating.


Riau Kratom Conclusion


If you are looking for a strong and long lasting strain, Riau Kratom may be an excellent fit for you. The Riau Kratom gives the mind a sense of harmony and helps you embrace life with tranquility and peace.  For the highest quality Riau Kratom click here.

Green Riau Kratom leaves is stimulating and energizing. This strain gives an increase in concentration and motivation.
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