The Power Of Maeng Da Kratom

December, 2016

The Maeng Da Kratom is one of the most potent strains of Kratom available on the market and it is known as the pimp grade strain in its homeland in Southeast Asia. Maeng Da roughly translates to pimp from the Thai language. Its appearance is of more ragged leaves compared to the more round straight leaves in other strains.
Maeng Da is also more potent than other strains, meaning that one type of the Maeng Da kratom (White Maeng Da) will give you a more intense effect of energy, and another will leave you more relaxed (Red Maeng Da). This strain was also known as the working man’s Kratom, this was due to the heavy use of this strain by the working class who are constantly in hot temperatures performing hard labor. The laborers needed a way to stay awake and get enough energy to get through the day with their back breaking labor often in shipyards. Where the workers had to often load and unload the cargo ships coming from overseas, and this was the original reason the Maeng Da strain was originally “designed” for, an early recorded use of the product.
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Another effect for Maeng Da strain previously mentioned was to produce an effect of induced feeling of relaxation for the user. The Maeng Da strain also gives the user a boost in energy levels in order for the user is able to be in a more focused state of mind if they need to perform tasks that require to the performer to be in a high state of alert, such as the operation of any aircraft. This strain also produces an effect where the Kratom actually enhances the mood the user is experiencing, going anywhere from the user’s normal mood to an intense feeling in some cases, which differs in all users.
Kratom reports has found Maeng Da to be a stronger Kratom as compared to the other Kratom.
On the other hand, this strain also assists the user to stay awake and alert to assist the user feel more awake and alert when they most need it, for example, when students are studying for important exams. As with most other properties in natural alternatives, this also varies in effect and intensity from person to person, depending on many different factors.
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We have received feedback from our customers that say the effects of this product is able to last anywhere from six hours to eight hours the product will be active. This time will vary according to a host of different factors. We hope that you find this information helpful as we assist you in starting or continuing your Kratom journey.
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