6 Easy And Effective Mood Lifting Tips


AUGUST, 2020

As we delve deeper into the quarantine, this time of year many people are experiencing adversity. However, before we throw ourselves fully into all of the mood-lifting tips, let’s rewind a bit.

If you are dealing with depression, you’re not alone. Depression is absolutely normal and affects millions of people daily. 

To help with this difficult time, we’d like to give some useful tips to reduce overwhelming feelings of stress to enhance your mood. These tips are not a cure or instant-fix.

1. Deep Breathing

Occasionally, something as simple as breathing can create a major difference. Use 3 minutes of your time to do a deep breathing exercise. Attempt inhaling for 3 seconds and exhaling for 3 seconds. Remember to focus on your breath. During the complete duration of the 3 minutes repeat this exercise. As a result, there is lower blood pressure, muscle relaxation, and endorphin releases. This helps your body manage stressors more efficiently.

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2. Get some Sunshine!

Take some time to go out and absorb all that sunlight. Sunlight may increase serotonin levels which helps with feeling calm and boosting a person’s overall mood. A great way to incorporate this is sunbathing in your backyard.

3. Get Active

Exercise is one of the most effective and powerful tools to combat depression. An easy way to start is jogging around the block or yoga at home. You could also order a home gym set online straight to your doorstep. A home gym will save you an extreme amount of time working out especially after the quarantine.  

4. Write Down Something That Made Your Day

Beginning a gratitude journal is very simple, you can start immediately! At first, taking a minute every day to write down something that made you happy can feel unusual but the trick is not overthinking it.


5. Be Open to Learning About Others

You can learn very much about people and understanding their viewpoint can open you up to a new wave of appreciation. We’re all main characters of our own lives and from time to time it may be difficult to completely understand another person’s story. Talking to others can assist you in finding happiness in a lot of things that you never thought of before. 


6. Small Acts of Kindness

Giving is highly satisfying. A straightforward action such as complimenting your friend or offering to pay for your friend/family can deliver them and you a moment of joy. Recognize that your own actions are something to be proud of. When you comprehend the fulfillment of giving, you begin to appreciate others more.

Life is a journey with extreme highs and lows. Occasionally we can’t avoid these negative feelings, but these events of difficulty are opportunities to develop and improve as individuals. Our vulnerabilities are a source of strength. Recognize that these emotions are normal, you are never alone, and you deserve to feel better. You can take it step by step.

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